PH Vaccine Supply: All Shipments That Arrived So Far

With more jabs to arrive in the coming months.
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(Editor's Note: This article is updated as of September 24, 2021)

The Philippines currently has a vaccine inventory of 65.9 million doses, with more to come in the next weeks and months as it aims to inoculate 90 million Filipinos before the year ends.

Priority groups—which include health workers, senior citizens, and persons with comorbidities—were at the front of the line to receive the vaccine when the first shipments arrived late February. Vaccination for essential workers and indigent populations has started.

Here's a breakdown of all the jabs the country has received from six manufacturers.


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These are all the vaccine shipments the Philippines has received:


The first shipment of 600,000 Sinovac vaccines arrived on Feb. 28 as a donation from China. The second batch was also a donation, with the following batches procured by the government.

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The city of Manila on June 24 received the first shipment of vaccines procured through a tripartite deal containing 2 million doses, with 400,000 allotted to the city of Manila.

Date of arrivalBrandNumber of dosesNotes
February 28, 2021Sinovac600,000Donation
March 24, 2021Sinovac400,000Donation
March 29, 2021Sinovac1,000,000Procured
April 11, 2021Sinovac500,000Procured
April 22, 2021Sinovac500,000Procured
April 29, 2021Sinovac500,000Procured
May 7, 2021Sinovac1,500,000Procured
May 20, 2021Sinovac500,000Procured
June 6, 2021Sinovac1,000,000Procured
June 10, 2021Sinovac1,000,000Procured
June 17, 2021Sinovac1,500,000Procured
June 24, 2021Sinovac2,000,000Procured
- 400k for Tripartite deal, Manila City
June 28, 2021Sinovac1,000,000Procured
July 22, 2021Sinovac1,500,000Procured
July 23, 2021Sinovac1,000,000Procured
July 28, 2021Sinovac1,500,000Procured
July 30, 2021Sinovac1,000,000Procured
August 5, 2021Sinovac1,000,000Procured
August 12, 2021Sinovac2,000,000Procured
August 19, 2021Sinovac3,000,000Procured
August 21, 2021Sinovac1,000,000Procured
August 30, 2021Sinovac3,000,000Procured
September 10, 2021Sinovac1,500,000Procured
September 13, 2021Sinovac2,000,000Procured


All shipments of jabs from the British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca were receieved through vaccine-sharing facility COVAX led by the WHO.

The first shipment carried 487,200 doses and arrived on Mar. 4. The latest shipment arrived on July 9, containing more than two million doses.

After reports of blood clotting, officials suspended use of AstraZeneca vaccines for those aged 60 and below. This suspension has since been lifted.

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Date of arrivalBrandNumber of dosesNotes
March 4, 2021AstraZeneca487,200from COVAX facility
March 7, 2021AstraZeneca38,400from COVAX facility
May 8, 2021AstraZeneca2,030,400from COVAX facility
July 8, 2021AstraZeneca1,124,100from Japan
July 9, 2021AstraZeneca2,028,000from COVAX facility
July 16, 2021AstraZeneca1,150,000from COVAX facility
August 2, 2021AstraZeneca415,040Donated
August 13, 2021AstraZeneca575,800Procured
August 20, 2021AstraZeneca582,500Procured
September 10, 2021AstraZeneca502,000Procured
September 17, 2021AstraZeneca661,200Procured

Sputnik V

The Philippines currently has 80,000 doses of Russia-made vaccine Sputnik V, with more to come in the next weeks and months according to the Philippine Ambassador to Russia. Doses are procured from the Gamaleya Research Institute.

Date of arrivalBrandNumber of dosesNotes
May 1, 2021Sputnik V15,000Procured
May 12, 2021Sputnik V15,000Procured
May 31, 2021Sputnik V50,000Procured
July 10 - 11, 2021Sputnik V170,000Procured
August 13, 2021Sputnik V15,000Procured
August 31, 2021Sputnik V15,000Procured
September 18, 2021Sputnik V190,000Procured


A total of 193,050 doses of Pfizer vaccines, courtesy of the global COVAX facility, arrived in the Philippines on May 10. Though Pfizer jabs were first to receive emergency use authorization in the Philippines, doses were not immediately available to the country.

A month later on June 10, the Philippines received its biggest shipment of vaccines from the COVAX facility containing more than 2.2 million doses of the Pfizer jabs.

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Date of arrivalBrandNumber of dosesNotes
May 10, 2021Pfizer-BioNTech193,050from COVAX facility
June 10, 2021Pfizer-BioNTech2,279,160from COVAX facility
July 21, 2021Pfizer-BioNTech562,770Procured
July 26, 2021Pfizer-BioNTech375,570Procured
August 11, 2021Pfizer-BioNTech813,150Procured
August 18, 2021Pfizer-BioNTech365,040Procured
August 25, 2021Pfizer-BioNTech362,700Procured
September 1, 2021Pfizer-BioNTech703,170Procured
September 2, 2021Pfizer-BioNTech188,370from COVAX facility
September 15, 2021Pfizer-BioNTech753,480Procured


The Philippines received its first shipment of Moderna on June 27 containing 249,600 doses—a part of which will go to the private sector.

Some 13 million doses are expected in July through the government's procurement deals, with an additional 20 million doses procured by the private sector through tripartite deals.

The largest shipment of Moderna jabs contaning 3 million doses arrived on August 3.

Date of arrivalBrandNumber of dosesNotes
June 27, 2021Moderna249,600Procured
- tripartite deal
July 15, 2021Moderna250,800Procured
August 3, 2021Moderna3,000,060Donated
August 8, 2021Moderna326,400Procured
August 15, 2021Moderna469,200Procured
September 18, 2021Moderna961,000Procured

Johnson & Johnson

The Philippines on July 16 received its first shipment of the single-dose Johnson&Johnson COVID-19 vaccine—a donation by the United States, through the global vaccine-sharing platform COVAX.

An initial 1,606,600 doses of the vaccine called Janssen, arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Friday afternoon. The second shipment of 1,606,600 doses is set to arrive on Saturday.

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Date of arrivalBrandNumber of dosesNotes
July 16, 2021Johnson & Johnson1,606,600Donated
July 17, 2021Johnson & Johnson1,634,250Donated


The country's first batch of Sinopharm vaccines contained 100,000 doses, with all three batches being donations.

Date of arrivalBrandNumber of dosesNotes
August 11, 2021Johnson & Johnson1,606,600Donated
August 20, 2021Johnson & Johnson1,634,250Donated
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