Outed as Gay in Dacera Probe, Valentine Rosales is Disowned by Father

Families are still tough for gays in the Philippines.
Photo/s: Instagram/Valentine Rosales

For Valentine Rosales, one of flight attendant Christine Dacera's friends who is a person of interest in the criminal investigation on her death, the cost of being outed as gay is disownment by his family.

Rosales' plight underscores how Philippine society views the LGBT on the family level, even as the community makes inroads towards acceptance outside their homes.

In an interview with DZRH, Rosales, whose real name is Alain Dayanan Chen, said that when he returned to the family home, his conservative Chinese father had the help pack his belongings.

"Inutusan po niya yung katulong. Siya na po ang nag-ayos ng gamit ko, kasi ayaw na niya po ako sa bahay," Rosales said. "Kasi nga po, umamin na po ako sa tunay kong kasarian. Hindi po niya matanggap, e."

Rosales and his companions were forced to admit they are gay to reject allegations that they raped their friend.


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Rosales said his mother, who passed away in 2012, could have had an idea on his sexual orientation, but it was never discussed in the open by his family.

"Hindi naman po kami close ng papa ko, kaya hindi po ako nag-o-open sa kanya" said Rosales, the middle child in a broof of three where he is the only man.

 "Hindi na niya ako in-accept as his son. Malas po kasi sa Chinese yun, and ako lang ang only son," he said.

Rosales was due to submit his counter-affidavit on Wednesday. He was with Dacera at the City Garden Hotel last Dec. 31, where they partied until New Year's Day. The flight attendant's remains were found in a bathtub on Jan. 1.

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Rosales and the rest of Dacera's friends said there was no foul play, contrary to the argument of her family. A police autopsy report said the 23-year-old died of an aortic aneurysm or ruptured vein, which the family is contesting since it failed to consider her bruises.

Dacera's friends moved to clear their names through a YouTube channel and Facebook page, Fund the Truth. They are also selling shirts online, named after their hotel room number, 2209.

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