Valenzuela Threatens to Suspend NLEX Permit Over RFID Woes

The mayor serves a 'final demand'
Photo/s: Jerome Ascaño

After complaining on social media over faulty RFID sensors in the North Luzon Expressway, Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian on Friday threatened to suspend the business permit of the toll operator should it fail to explain troubles caused by the cashless toll implementation.

Gatchalian shared on social media a letter dated Dec. 3 addressed to NLEX Corp chief operating officer Raul Ignacio, which the mayor said serves as a "formal complaint and final demand" for the traffic jams caused by non-responsive RFID sensors in the city.

"Until you get your act together and perfect your existing tollway system, the City Government may withdraw as your partner in your future planned expansions in our jurisdiction," the mayor said in the letter.


Primitive sensors” of NLEX Corporation are causing “harrowing traffic and wreaking havoc in Valenzuela City," Gatchalian said as he gave NLEX Corp 24 hours from receipt of the letter to submit an action to solve the "RFID fiasco."

"Likewise, you have only 72 hours from receipt of this letter to file your explanation why the City Government should not suspend your business permit…" Gatchalian said.

The complaint, according to the mayor, "is for every single commuter that suffers every time we use their toll."

The NLEX cuts across Valenzuela City. Should its business permit be suspended, the toll operator cannot collect fees from motorists passing by.

Gatchalian on Thursday complained of non-responsive RFID sensors in NLEX through a series of tweets that were shared by motorists experiencing the same problems.

The NLEX management has yet to issue a statement on Gatchalian's concerns but reminds motorists on its Twitter account to ensure that their RFID accounts have enough load before traveling.

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