Verified and Official: BTS Members Open Individual Instagram Accounts

They've got the blue check mark.
Photo/s: Mario Anzuoni, Reuters

The seven members of the world's top boy group BTS opened individual Instagram accounts on Monday after their label announced their break following the success of the U.S. leg of their Permission to Dance tour.

Leader RM, or Kim Namjoon, took up the handle “@rkive” which is also the name of his studio where production work takes place. Eldest Jin, or Kim Seokjin, goes simply by the handle “@jin”.

Suga, or Min Yoongi, uses the handle “@agustd”, a name and alter ego he summons for his more scathing solo work. J-hope, or Jung Hoseok, is aptly called “@uarmyhope”. The handle includes the band’s fandom ARMY, and is read aloud as “you are my hope,” half of the member’s tagline.

Jimin, full name Park Jimin, and V, full name Kim Taehyung, have shorter handles: “@j.m” and “@thv” respectively.

Youngest Jungkook, or Jeon Jungkook, boasts the longest handle among all 7: “@abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvqxyz”. It’s every single in the English alphabet except J and K, for his initials.

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While all of Instagram’s users can like the group’s posts, only the members can comment on each other’s photos. Posts have ranged from scenery, museum exhibitions, and portraits of the members. The accounts can't be tagged in stories, photo posts, or even in comments.

Each account brandishes the blue check mark, making it official and Instagram-verfied. Prior to the opening of the individual accounts, the group account was managed by label BigHit Music and used for promotional materials.

All members will be on break until at least the end of 2021. This will be the septet’s first year-end and holiday break since they debuted in 2013, BigHit Music said.

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