Donnalyn Bartolome Says Sorry for Baby Themed Photos That Drew Outrage

She thanked netizens who called her out.
Photo/s: Donnalyn Bartolome/Facebook

Actress-vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome apologized Sunday after excerpts of her birthday photoshoot, which appeared to sexualize babies, went viral and drew outrage on social media.

Bartolome, who turned 28 last July 9, said it was an "honest mistake" to wear a pink onesie with a baby bottle on her lips with the message "336 months old, still single but not looking." In another photo, she was wearing only a bib as her top, showing her underboobs. The posts have been taken down.

She said her initial reaction to the theme mirrored that of "almost a million people" online, who thought of it as "light and funny" because of her personality.


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"Upon reading other people’s perspective, I completely agree. I feel terrible, sick to my stomach and had disturbing flashbacks I’d rather not say," she said in a Facebook post.

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"I’ve taken care of children since I was 11 years old, this was the last thing I would ever intend to do," she said, with a broken heart emoji.

Scrubbing her photos off the internet, she asked netizens for links to reports of the images her social media managers can help take it down.

Bartolome also asked netizens to donate to abused children at "Nayon ng Kabataan", a state-run facility in Mandaluyong City for the disadvantaged youth, where she was admitted when she was still a minor.

She thanked those who called her out, especially those who did so kindly, saying it helps her become a better person.

"You’re the type of people who help me become a better person everyday as I hold the responsibility of influencing millions. It’s not easy.. but I’ll do my best."


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