'KakampINC' Trends After Iglesia Endorses Marcos-Duterte

An INC member explains why he is pink for Leni.

The hashtag "KakampINC" was trending Wednesday after netizens who claim to be members of Iglesia ni Cristo said they would still vote for Leni Robredo despite the church's endorsement of her rivals.

More than 51,000 tweets of "KakampINC" -- a portmanteau of the church acronym and the term used by Robredo supporters to describe themselves -- was posted a day after the church said bloc-voting church said it would support Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte.


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First-time voter and INC member "Justin" was among those whose whose Twitter posts went viral. He would vote for the "right leaders" instead, referring to Robredo and her running mate Kiko Pangilinan, despite fears of being excommunicated from the church.

Justin asked that his real name be withheld to protect his privacy. The UP student who attends the local INC church in southern Metro Manila said Robredo and Pangilinan's platform to uplift the lives of the disadvantaged appeals to him.

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"Feeling ko it's my responsibility to speak and do what the right thing is kaya 'di po ako madidiktihan ng isang relihiyon," the 19-year-old said.

Justin said he was disappointed when the church declared their support for the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr's only son and namesake and its endorsement of senatorial candidates whose political careers are marred with corruption allegations, which for him is inconsistent with church teachings about moral integrity.

"Kung ganun po 'yung paniniwala nila, ano pong morality ang pinanghahawakan nila?"

Justin said three of his family members initially said they would vote for Robredo on May 9. After the endorsement, he fears that his mother would go for Marcos.

Since tweeting his stand, he has been pressured by supposed INC members on Twitter to reveal proof of his church membership, something he wouldn't do because if reported, he would be excommunicated, he said.

"Sobrang hindi na po ako natatakot matiwalag, it's just that my mom will be disappointed. Ayoko pong nadi-disappoint mama ko."

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