WATCH: Meet the Stylist Giving Free Haircuts to the Homeless

Like everyone else, they need care too.
Photo/s: Marko Bustarde

On Tuesdays, when hairstylist Marko Bustarde isn't busy making art out of his customers' manes, he is out on the streets giving homeless people a makeover.

On Youtube, where Bustarde documents his recent quest as a professional hairstylist of eight years, he hopes to inspire other artists like him to help those in need, particularly homeless individuals.

He said they are the most left behind in the current health crisis when everyone else has at least a shelter where they can try to steer clear of the virus. 

"Gusto ko talaga kasi maipakita sa mga homeless na 'di sila napag-iwanan, na pwede pang may tumulong sa kanila. Sa pamamagitan ng gupit, maiibigay ko nang libre kung ano man yung resources na meron ako na pwede [maka-inspire] ng iba," he said.

It was Christmas of 2020 when he first went out to find his pro-bono customers. "Simpleng tanong lang: gusto mo ba kumain? Kapag um-oo, 'pero gupitan muna kita, bago tayo kumain," he said. 

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Since then, he has given nine individuals a "new look" just by cutting their hairs by the road. 

He dreams of earning enough Youtube money so he could buy his own bus and turn it into a mobile barber shop for his cause. 

"Spread natin yung love, humanity and kindness para din sa kanila kasi sila talaga yung napag-iwanan na... Hindi lang naman ito sa aspeto ng paggugupit lang, kung nagtitinda ka ng mga vitamins, pagkain, kumot, damit, unan -- kung ano man yung makakatulong sa kanila, pwedeng i-share natin sa kanila ng libre," he said. 

To know more about his story, watch this #SummitOriginals video:

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