Talking Stage: What is the Filipino Gen Z Looking For?

Humor is a plus, says Tinder.
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Filipino Gen Zs want to match with individuals who display authenticity and are fun to talk to, an executive of dating app Tinder said Friday, as young people return to real-life dating after two years of strict lockdowns.

Since the pandemic started in 2020, Gen Zs now prefer to have longer chats, and video calls first before meeting up in real life with their online matches according to Papri Dev, senior communications director of Tinder in the Asia Pacific Region.

When the chats become constant, the two prospects enter a "talking stage", according to internet dating language.

"Everybody's getting back to IRL right now but at the same time, they are being very honest and authentic about how they go about dating today," she told CNN Philippines.

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A Tinder survey also showed that eight in 10 Gen Z Filipinos look for a sense of humor in their potential matches.

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Most young Filipinos also prefer casual and chill coffee hangouts for their first real-life dates with their online matches instead of fancy, formal dinners.

"They are okay with coffee... They just love hanging out in urban spots. One thing I noticed is that young Pinoy daters absolutely love a sense of humor so it's not just about putting up great photographs in there," Dev said.

And while Gen Zs prefer connecting with different groups with different interests, their behavior on Tinder shows that many are still looking for romance or a steady partner.

"I don't think young Pinoy daters are giving up on romance or the idea of finding the one...They are absolutely looking for a long-term relationship," Dev said.


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