Jose Mari Chan Hopes Mariah Carey Will Sing One of His Songs

All I want for Christmas.

The world may be in the throes of a Christmas powerhouse. Jose Mari Chan said Tuesday he would love for Mariah Carey to sing one of his songs, as both their classics come to life at the start of the "Ber" months.

Chan, the balladeer behind "Christmas in Our Hearts", said he likes Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You." Both songs were released in the early 90s and have become modern day classics 30 years since.

How about a duet? Chan told Summit Sandwich Sessions that his voice is too low for Carey's legendary eight-octave range.

"Speaking of Mariah Carey, sana one day she could sing one of my songs. I don't know about singing duet with her kasi iba 'yung key nya, mataas masyado. For me to sing with her, I have to stand on a stool," he said.

"It's my dream to one day meet Mariah Carey, one day I'd like to meet Barbra Streisand," he said.

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When asked about that other Christmas staple, Aegis' "Christmas Bonus",  Chan said: "I'm waiting for the local singers to call me and say 'Lolo Joe, can you sing with me?'"

"At my age, I don't think those young singers would like to sing with me but who knows? Any of you out there who wants to sing with me, call me anytime," he said, adding that's he is also open to sing with band Ben&Ben.

Chan said he had not written any song since the pandemic struck. "Somehow, I feel that if I write another song, it would be irrelevant to the young people now," he said.

No offense, Chan said some of today's songs don't put enough effort on the lyrics.

The COVID-19 crisis however inspired him to write new tunes to lift the spirits of pandemic-stricken Filipinos.

"There's a theme that I want to build on, and I want you to be the first to know, the theme is 'Rise and Shine.' It's to encourage the people that if you're patient, protected, and if you are prayerful... the time will come when this pandemic will be over and we will rise and shine and welcome a brand new day."

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