GUIDE: Who Can Go In, Out of Granular Lockdown Areas

No more APOR.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascaño

Metro Manila will pilot run a new COVID-19 restriction system that makes use of alert levels instead of the old four-tier community quarantine.

Under the new COVID-19 alert level system, mayors have the power to declare granular lockdowns as long as 14 days on individual houses where one household member has been confirmed, residential buildings, streets, blocks, puroks, subdivisions, and villages or barangays within their jurisdiction.

Unlike in the old community quarantine system, there will be no authorized persons outside of their residences.

Only health care workers and non-health personnel working in hospitals, laboratories, and dialysis facilities whose institutions are unable to provide accommodation for their personnel, and uniformed personnel tasked to enforce the granular lockdown, are allowed to move within, into, and out of the area under granular lockdown.

The following are also allowed to enter and/or exit granular lockdown areas for specific purposes:

  1. Overseas Filipino Workers bound for international travel, and those returning to their respective residences after having completed facility-based quarantine upon arrival

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  2. Individuals whose home or residence are located within an area under granular lockdown may enter the said area for the sole purpose of returning to their respective homes or residences but must thereafter remain therein for the duration of the granular lockdown

  3. Individuals under exceptional circumstances such as, but not limited to, those seeking urgent medical attention as validated by the municipal/city health officer

  4. Food and essential items that are intended for delivery within an area under granular lockdown provided that they can only be unloaded at border collection points designated by the LGU.


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