How Heart Evangelista Developed 'Immunity' From Bashing

The pros outweigh the cons.
Photo/s: Instagram/iamhearte

The internet is cruel and during the pandemic, it called out the rich for being insensitive to the world around them. Actress and influencer Heart Evangelista has parried many attacks and has grown immune to them.

Evangelista dons designer face masks and shapes burger patties into the Chanel logo, endearing to her followers, but offensive to some. In a Zoom call for Summit Sandwich Sessions, she said the trolling does not affect her anymore.

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"When you reach a certain level that you have nowhere else but to breathe, survive, and go back up, you really develop immunity to it. Now I'm aware that not everyone likes me, I realized that it's perfectly okay," she said. The last time the actress had taken offense was when a Twitter user likened her to France's Marie Antoinette.

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"I bet that these people, once they bump into you in some sort of event and you'd interact, they would realize that you're actually much nicer than they paint you to be. They don’t really know now, so it’s okay. In fact, it’s a good balance, it keeps you grounded," she said. 

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Evangelista said the pros of being active online are "more rewarding" than the cons. In June, the actress sold her paintings for cause and  launched “Big Heart PH” to give students free tablets and mobile data for blended learning.

"If you really wanna do things right, it’s such a nice time to create awareness on a certain charity, or a certain painter that’s on the street that you wanna help. There are pros and cons, but I feel that the pros are more rewarding especially if you want something done," she said. 

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