Wolfgang is Trending: Are First Dates for Expensive Steak?

'Your thoughts', businessman asked Twitter.
Photo/s: Wolfgang's Steakhouse/Facebook

Businessman and one-time reality TV contestant Chris Tan asked for Twitter's thoughts about a girl who agreed to go out on a date with him and make it Wolfgang's -- the TikTok famous steakhouse that's sure to burn serious cash, regardless if the bill is split or paid for by one.

Chris Tan's tweet got reposted nearly 2,000 times and on Saturday, or one day after the post, "Wolfgang" was trending in the Philippines with some 4,000 mentions.

It was unclear as of early Saturday evening if the date would push through. Tan said he was surprised that his post triggered Twitter and attacked him and the girl, whom he did not name. "It's a good study in human behavior," he said.

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Wolfgang's dinners have long been flexed in TikTok "bill reveals" for the sheer cost that could run to the tens of thousands for large groups. For those who consider P500 as an expensive meal for one, it can buy only one of three side dishes -- steak rice, mashed potatoes or creamed spinach, according to the restaurant menu posted on Zomato.

A Father's Day set menu for four costs P22,752 according to Wolfgang's Facebook post on June 13, exclusive of 10% service charge, which would make it P25,000 net, more than a month's gross salary of an entry-level civil engineer who passed the board at a big property firm.

Missing context, except for Tan's crowdsourced post, Twitter was bursting with opinions on Saturday date night.

Some said Tan should not have humiliated the woman by making her look materialistic. But did the tweet go further as to say whether she offered to split the bill? It didn't. 

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Some said a woman's worth should not be measured by expensive dinners. If she can pay for one, she can sure ask for one. What if Tan did not have the money? He's a crypto investor how could he not have the money? The tweet didn't say.

The discussion was so heated, former foreign affairs secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. offered this advice as he reposted Tan's tweet. "Go for it. The girl's got taste... If you're not up to her standard, step aside for others."

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