Zubiri on Viral Video: Father, Marcos Had Simple Miscommunication

Senator cries 'spin' of campaign clip.
Photo/s: Migz Zubiri/Facebook

Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri said Saturday a "simple miscommunication" led to presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos' failure to raise the hand of his father, Jose Zubiri, on the campaign stage in their native Bukidnon.

Zubiri said Marcos and his father failed to align on the sequence of the program, wherein one of them was to wave a flag after the presidential candidate speaks. The flag-waving did happen after the failed hand-raising that was apparently too early, he said.

"Obviously there is a malicious intent to create intrigue by only showing that particular portion of the video and omitting totally the second portion of that sequence of events," Zubiri said.


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Zubiri claimed "close to 100,000" attended the UniTEAM rally for Marcos and running mate Sara Duterte. "Let’s not make a big thing out of nothing. Peace everyone," he said.

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The reelectionist senator, a candidate of both Marcos and rival presidential candidate Leni Robredo, released a photo that showed the late dictator's son raising his hand and his father's.

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