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McDonald's Can't Punish Crew for Crumpled, Stained BTS Meal Packaging

There are strict instructions on handling the BTS Meal.
by Pia Regalado
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Photo/s: McDonald's Philippines

McDonald's Philippines on Wednesday shot down talk that store staff and delivery riders were being penalized for mishandling BTS Meal packaging that fans turn into memorabilia to immortalize the K-Pop and chicken nuggets collaboration.

The ride from the store to the customer is just "beyond control," said Margot Torres, McDonald's Philippines managing director, on ANC. "If things don't work out in a particular delivery, we don't penalize them."

In a separate post on Tuesday, McDonald's Philippines said "there is no policy stating that mishandling of packaging of The BTS Meal, or other products, will automatically result in the suspension or termination of employees."

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Torres said McDonald's sold close to 3.5 million pieces of McNuggets on June 18 alone. That's a 1000% increase in nuggets sales compared to its daily average.

Aside from the nuggets, cajun and sweet chili sauces, fries, and drinks, the packaging is also a major selling point. Fans upcycled the packaging, turning it into precious merchandise like keychains or phone covers. Some even sell online the BTS Meal packaging in pristine condition, meaning no oil stains and no crumpling anywhere.

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"There were very specific instructions to our crew, to our riders: you are not to fold it. Just seal it but preserve it because they (fans) do preserve it and some of them wash [the cups], they dry it, and they hang it up and make it like the merchandise around the tumbler," Torres said.

She said the crew was also instructed to make sure the soda cups don't touch the paper bag to prevent it from getting wet. The fries were also separated to avoid oil stains while the nuggets have to be cooked perfectly so it won't retain much oil.

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Painting the town purple

Torres, a self-proclaimed ARMY, said McDonald's was intentional in every detail for its June 18 launch. All its 660 stores across the country have to be draped in the BTS' color, purple.

While there were fans who availed of the early bird offer for the BTS meal "for bragging rights", majority flocked to McDonald's for their orders on launch day June 18.  McDonald's usually offers the non-breakfast menu at 10 a.m., but it started offering the BTS Meal at 7 a.m. since the boyband is a septet.

ARMYs repaid the hard work of the crew by sending them love in the form of food and other treats.

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"They are so sweet. They sent food to our crew. Little candies, somebody got a chocolate cake. Others got meals from the ARMY and they had thank you notes for the hard work our crew and managers have put in to make sure this launch is successful," Torres said, thanking fans for their support.

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