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National ID: Your Complete Guide to Application, Tracking

Full use is expected by 2023.
by Clara Rosales
4 hours ago
Photo/s: Echo Antonio

Expected to be the one ID to rule them all, the national ID is posssibly the most powerful and useful ID Filipinos have seen yet. Implementation and full use of national IDs is expected as early as 2023, with 30 million Filipinos seen to receive theirs before 2022 ends.

Still don't have your national ID? Check out our guides below detailing each step of the application process.

Here's everything you need to know about national ID application:


ID registration has two steps. The first step is inputting all your data online, such as your name, birthdate, address, and even blood type. Here are the details you need to know when applying.

After step one, you can proceed to step two, which is going to an in-person registration site for a biometrics scan, photograph, and signature.

Under tighter lockdowns in 2021, Step 1 applicants had to wait to be called for Step 2 to manage the number of registrants per site. In 2022, some in-person registration sites can do Step 1 and Step 2 on the spot.

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To be sure, sign up for Step 1 online to secure a slot for Step 2 in case your registration site gets crowded. Check with your local government unit or malls for applications as well.

After supplying information to the staff at registration sites, you will be asked to undergo an iris scan and fingerprint scans. Your photo will be taken and you will be asked to present a valid ID. Read up on why that matters.

Application is free, so don't fall for fixers saying they can hook you up with a registration process done under the table.

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ID delivery

All IDs will be shipped to their respective applicants via PHLPost free of charge. Read our article for more information on how that works.

After registration, you will be given a stub that contains a transaction number you can use to track your ID. The same piece of paper will also function as your claim stub, which you have to present once the ID is dropped off at your place.

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MORE ON ID DELIVERY: How to Track Your National ID Delivery on PHLPost

ID "not found"

You can track the delivery status of your ID online using the transaction number on the claim stub, but don't be surprised if a check results in a "not found" status. Over 90 million Filipinos are expected to apply for and get an ID, so expected some delays in delivery. 

A "not found" tag doesn't mean your ID is missing, it just means it isn't in the PHLPost system yet. Your ID is either still being made, or it's done but it hasn't been dispatched for delivery yet.

Need help tracking? Check out our quick guides on how to do it online, and word from PHLPost regarding the not found status.

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Why you should get a national ID

Full implementation of the national ID is expected as early as 2023 under the administration of President Bongbong Marcos. Over 14 million Filipinos have received their IDs, with 30 million Filipinos eyed to get theirs in 2022.

Seen to be the super-powered, one ID for everything, the national ID contains all your important data like name, birthday, address, blood type, photo, and signature.

Added features like iris scans and fingerprint scans are linked to the ID as the ultimate proof of identity.

The catch-all ID is meant to be like your DNA, it's completely unique to you. Present the ID and it's immediate confirmation of who you are. That means one less ID to present at the bank—you can even apply for a passport using the national ID.


PhilSys National ID Must Be Accepted for Gov't Transactions: Duterte Order

National ID Must Come with Bank Account for Every Filipino: Senator

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Applying for a Passport? You Can Use Your National ID as Proof of Identity

If the ID functions as promised when registration first opened, the physical ID card also has a digital counterpart that you can use online or virtually. All you need is to recite or write your ID card number and all your data will be accessible online when needed.

Unlike other IDs, the national ID is supposed to be valid for life. No renewals, no re-registrations, and no fees. Passports and licenses must be renewed every decade, but according the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the body printing the cards, the national ID is valid as long as you're alive.

Updates in information like contact number, change of residence, or change of name after marriage must be made so the card's details are updated. If you lose the card, you'll have to apply for another one.

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