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This Calculator Tells You When You'll Get the COVID Vaccine

Where are you in line?
by Clara Rosales
Just now

Don't know when you'll be vaccinated? Two researchers made a vaccine queue calculator Filipinos can use to know when they are most likely to receive the jab as the Philippines started inoculating medical frontliners.

The Vaccine Queue Calculator for the Philippines was created by engineer Kenneth Alambra from the University of the Philippines Los Baños and researcher Reina Sagip from the De La Salle University. It's available online.

A priority list from the Department of Health was published last January, giving Filipinos an idea who would go first. Frontliners were priority, followed senior citizens. Individuals with comorbidities and other workers in essential industries were next in line.


Who's on the COVID-19 Vaccine Priority List?

Your age and health status determine your place in queue. The calculator takes all these into account to give a projected date when you are most likely to get the jab.

Aside from your using your status, the calculator also projects a date based on the country's vaccine rate. You can choose to calculate your date based on the Philippine government's target, or based on the actual rate of vaccinations.

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Authorities have a target of inoculating at least 70% of the country's population in 2021, which translates to around 1,274,980 vaccinations a week. The calculator uses a default uptake of 56% as not everyone opted to get the jab.

The Philippines is home to 110 million Filipinos. It would take about a year and 4 months to vaccinate everyone. With the current rate we're going, it could take up to 41 years to inoculate the country.

These figures were based on a February 2021 survey conducted by the UST COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Team. You can change the default values to see your chances under different situations.

How it works

All you have to do is input your age and answer seven yes or no questions to determine your status. Afterwards, you can select the vaccine rate and see an estimate of how many people are ahead of you in line.

You'll get a date for your first and second doses.

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Trying it out

Greetings, fellow able-bodied 20-somethings. If all goes according to plan, we could get vaccinated anywhere from Oct. 11, 2021 to July 5, 2022—still within the government's target.

from Vaccine Queue Calculator for the Philippines

If we're using the actual rate of 5,500 vaccines per day, we could get our first dose on September...2040.

Frontline medical workers in the 20s ranges could get the jab as early as Mar. 19, following the government's target. If our current rate persists, a nurse or doctor could get the first vaccine dose on Valentine's Day 2022.

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Do keep in mind that the calculator is subject to changes as rates may rise or fall. Procurement and delivery of vaccines per local government unit are also factors to consider.

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