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'I Should Have Resigned Yesterday': Signs to Just Do It

How do you pull the bandaid?
by Clara Rosales
Just now
Photo/s: Ted Aljibe, Agence France-Presse

Unhappy worker Janna feels she has no right to quit a dream job that people "would kill for", that's why she put off resigning for a year now, like many employees who stay because they just can't muster enough guts to do it.

Yearning for something new and hopefully less toxic, but at the same time looking for stability, workers like Janna feel stuck.

"I’m not happy anymore, but it feels like this job is once-in-a-lifetime. Countless people would kill for it so sino ba naman ako to quit?” Janna said.

While Janna is holding on to the thought of being in her dream job, for others who refuse to resign just yet, the reasons are unclear, said life coach Hasmin Miroy.

When enough is enough

Resignation isn’t always a bad thing. Some leave their jobs to pursue their passions, while others go due to major life changes such as migration or better job opportunities, but that’s not always the case.

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“If you feel like you are no longer growing in the company, then probably it’s time to go. And if you feel that the work environment is unhealthy in terms of your mental health, it could also be a sign that you can go and you feel na you are no longer fulfilled," Miroy said.

Kahit gaano pa kalaki yung sweldo mo, if you no longer feel that fulfillment, then it can be a sign that you can resign," she said.

When culture leads to burnout

Burnout can be self-driven when an employee has a personal hunger for success and growth. Companies that foster a culture of endless hustle can worsen this tendency in workers who self-sacrifice, or even plant the idea in employees who once had boundaries.

“Kaya nagkakaroon ng ganoong culture, the boss normally leads by example. So pagka nakikita ng mga employee na ganun yung boss ko, may tendency na mahihiya siya, bakit hindi niya nagagawa, na to be able to hustle as well,” Miroy said. “Siya rin mismo yung ayaw huminto. It could be a need, particularly if it means more work, more finances.”

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Healthy communication with a boss can prevent the roadblocks you encounter on the job. Though difficult for many employees to grasp, bosses can be reasonable.

Have you tried everything to communicate with the boss? Before you think of it as your reason for resigning, ask yourself, have I done everything to communicate?”

Still, some bosses could be the problem.

“Kung na-exhaust mo na lahat ng ways of communication and hindi pa rin talaga getting better yung relationship with boss mo in terms of communication, and part siya ng basis mo, ng criteria mo of resigning, then pwede siyang maging grounds or reason for you to resign.”

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For Janna, it’s difficult to know she’ll be leaving all her work to an already burned out team: “Ang hirap din kasi I know resigning means mapapasa yung trabaho ko to my teammates. We’re all great friends and I don’t want to burden them further.”

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Know your whys

You should know your why. You know your reason. You know your objective why you are working at the company. Yun yung dapat na hindi mawawala. It’s more than just about the money,” Miroy said.

Taking a job for the money is valid, but if it’s consuming everything else in your life, take a step back and ask yourself a few questions.

Can I picture myself working here for another year? If you can no longer see yourself working there nang masaya, then that’s one of the telltale signs,” Miroy said.

Am I able to do the things that I love? Pag hindi mo na kasi nagagawa yong mga bagay na gusto mo kasi wala ka nang oras para doon, then it means that kinain na yung life, yung buhay mo talaga it really revolves around work,” she added.

Millennials and Gen Z find themselves in coveted pists  that feed their passions until they’re sick (quite literally). Taking an actual leave helps, but if the problem goes beyond a break, it might be time to go. After all, people are allowed to change their minds.

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“We should always make time for happiness, if you can not make time for happiness anymore, ask yourself if it’s really worth it,” Miroy said.

Follow through

Janna told her friends in early 2021 that she would resign. She is halfway through 2022 in the same job. “My friends tell me I should have resigned yesterday. Totoo naman.”

You really have to convince yourself bago mo ma-convince yung ibang tao,” Miroy said.

Once you float the idea of resignation, bosses and departments may find ways to sway you through salary increases, promotions, or more business trips. The temptation is real, which is why Miroy advised employees on the brink of resignation to be completely sure of themselves.

“Kahit gaano kalaki yung sweldo ng empleyado, pagka it’s no longer healthy for them, whether physical or mental, may overwork, overwhelming, nagkakasakit ka na. You feel anxiety, you get depression, you no longer feel like going to work anymore, dina-drag mo na lang yung sarili mo,” Miroy said.

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Get some help

Switching jobs is a life-changing decision. As such, Miroy recommended you reach out to people you trust when you’re thinking of resigning.

“You can talk to someone you look up to, someone you can trust, para ma-process yung thoughts,” Miroy said. Those in the workplace are quick to understand, but friends and family can be just as supportive.

If you’ve got former bosses or industry seniors, seek out their advice when you can. After all, they’ve resigned before and found jobs after. “[Employees] can talk to the people that they respect, people ahead of them, people who have been there.”

“It would really be hard kung mag-isa ka lang, because we do have our own blind spots and makakatulong na meron tayong kausap,” Miroy added.

Everything may seem bleak when you’ve just resigned, but there’s always a next chapter to look forward to. Developing a healthy mindset post-resignation is important. Reach out to friends, reconnect, and put yourself out there.

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Need more help? Miroy said life coaches offer complementary services for people needing a little guidance in their professional life.

For more information on life coaching, visit Life Coaching PH's Facebook page.

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