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Here's Your Typhoon Safety Guide

Be prepared.
by Arianne Merez
Oct 30, 2020
Photo/s: The Reportr Team

The Philippines is battered by an average of 20 storms in a year which means that disaster-preparedness is a must for its 100 million people who have been through some of the worst in the world.

Most of the strong typhoons hit the Philippines during the Christmas or 'ber' months because high pressure in mainland Asia dictates the direction of storms, state weather bureau PAGASA said.

"Mas mataas yung chance na maglandfall yung bagyo kapag November and December dahil ang nagdidictate sa direksyon ng bagyo ay yung malakas na high pressure area sa mainland Asia," PAGASA forecaster Benison Estareja said.

Here's your storm safety guide according to the government's disaster awareness FAQ sheet:

What to do during Public Storm Signal No. 1:

1. Listen to your radio for more information about weather disturbance.
2. Check the ability of the house to withstand strong winds and strengthen it if necessary.
3. Monitor the latest severe weather Bulletin issued by PAGASA every six hours. Business may be carried out as usual except when flooding occurs.

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What to do during Public Storm Signal No. 2: 

1. Special attention should be given to the latest position, direction, and speed movement of the cyclone as it may intensify and move towards the locality.
2. The general public, especially people traveling by sea and air are cautioned to avoid unnecessary risks.
3. Protect properties before signals are upgraded.
4. Board up windows or put storm shutters in place and securely fasten it.
5. Stay at home.

What to do during Public Storm Signal No. 3:

1. Keep your radio on and listen to the latest news about the typhoon.
2. Everyone is advised to stay in safe and strong houses.
3. Evacuate from low-lying areas to higher grounds.
4. Stay away from coasts and riverbanks.
5. Watch out for the passage of the "eye" or center of the typhoon.

What to do during Public Storm Signal No. 4: 

1. Stay in safe houses or evacuation centers
2. Cancel all travel and outdoor activities. 
3. Keep listening to your radio for the latest news about the typhoon.

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What to do during Public Storm Signal No. 5: 

1. Stay in safe houses or evacuation centers
2. Cancel all travel and outdoor activities. 

How to prepare for calamities particularly flooding:

1. Regularly monitor your radio and television for calamity news updates.
2. Prepare enough candles, rechargeable lamps, and flashlights for possible brownouts.
3. If you reside in an area near the river, waterways, or mountainsides, immediately evacuate to prevent flash floods and landslides.
4. Store enough food and water. Have a first-aid kit on hand.
5. Prepare a list of emergency hotlines.

Below are hotlines to call for emergencies:
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Decoding Disaster Alerts: How to Prepare, When to Evacuate

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