DepEd TV Needs 200 Teacher-Broadcasters with Smarts, Sass

Only 100 have started shooting episodes for the blended learning initiative.
Photo/s: Tra Nguyen via Unsplash

The Department of Education (DepEd) is still seeking on-camera talent for its eponymous distance learning channel, DepEd TV.

In a report by TeleRadyo, around 200 teacher-broadcaster slots are still open due to the rigorous training and workshop. Out of the initial 3,000 applicants, only a hundred were chosen and have started shooting episodes for the blended learning initiative.

It's hard to find educators who are experts on their subject matter and have a great personality to boot, said Education Usec Alain Pascua. Basically, DepEd is looking for someone who can teach outside the traditional classroom setup, and has the qualities of a broadcaster.

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"If we see that the teacher is very confident, and is really delivering messages through the eyes, camera, and microphone, those watching and listening will be very convinced," pascua said.

DepEd TV needs to produce 130 to 200 TV lectures per week, or up to five episodes per teacher-broadcaster. They will also be guided by the broadcast industry on how to shoot, record, and edit.

DepEd's TV and radio lectures will have a final dry run two weeks before school officially opens on Oct. 5.

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