Belo Medical Apologizes, Takes Down 'Insensitive' Ad on #PandemicEffect

'We hear you.'
Photo/s: Facebook/BeloMedicalGroup

Belo Medical on Wednesday apologized and took down a video ad on the lockdown's toll on people's bodies, acknowledging it as "insensitive and upsetting".

The #PandemicEffect, created by bizarre ad house GIGIL, was released on Tuesday and was taken down after it drew comments about how it played on women's insecurities. The sexy woman in the ad got bigger, wrinkled and grew a unibrow and excessively long armpit hair.

"We hear you. You helped us see what we failed to see, which is that the film is insensitive and upsetting. Because of this, we have taken the ad down," Belo Medical said.

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