Bring Your Pets, PAWS Urges Evacuees From Taal Volcano

They are family, too.
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The Philippine Animal Welfare Society urged those fleeing the Taal Volcano to bring their pets with them to shelters. They are family, too.

A steam and gas eruption similar to the one that happened last July 1 is likely, authorities said, as they kept the volcano under Alert Level 3, the third highest. During Taal's last major eruption in January 2020, some pet and farm animals died after being left behind.

"Now, as an advance and better planned evacuation is underway within the volcano's danger zones, we urge pet owners to please bring their pets with them when they evacuate to avoid stress, heartache and further tragedy," it said.

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"You do not leave a family member in danger. Should there be a need for evacuation, please bring your pets with you. Evacuation areas will be alloting safe, temporary holding areas for your animals. Please coordinate with your local officials in charge," the group Animal Kingdom Foundation said.

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In case of another eruption with ashfall, here's how animal owners can protect their pets, according to PAWS:

  • Keep your pets indoors. Bigger animals should be brought to stables or other appropriate shelter.
  • Make sure their food and water bowls or troughs are not exposed to the elements. Grass and other vegetation should be washed before given to animals.
  • Check if the animal is having difficulty breathing, sneezing or coughing. If symptoms persist, consult a veterinarian immediately.
  • If your pet has been exposed to ash, do not let them lick it. Remove the ash from your pets by washing them.

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