Chel Diokno on TikTok Offers Life Advice for 'Cheldren'

Talking law school tips, legal IQ, and cauliflower rice.
Photo/s: Chel Diokno TikTok

Human rights lawyer Chel Diokno is reaching out to youth voters on TikTok ahead of the 2022 elections.

Before you claim 'fake' when you see him pop up on your For You Page, the @attycheldiokno account is legitimate and is linked to his other socials. I scrolled down to video confirmation of his account to make sure we weren't all getting scammed.

Diokno is part of the pool of nominees of 1Sambayan opposition coalition for president and vice president, but he said he "never aspired for those positions." In 2019, he ran for senator under the Otso Diretso opposition coalition, but he failed to make it to the Top 12.

To push the issues concerning the youth and the ordinary Filipinos, he said he would need a "bigger platform" to do so and has expressed intent to run again in the 2022 elections.

Through memes and skits cushioned by viral sounds on the video platform, Diokno makes known what he stands for before campaign season even starts. He's got advice for Millenials and Gen Z he calls 'Cheldren'. He's telling them to register to vote, get the vaccine as soon as they can, and maybe even try out his cauliflower rice recipe.

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In between dishing out law school tips and legal advice, the lawyer also shares his favorite books and thoughts on what to do when you've been ghosted.

The founding dean of De Salle University College of Law remains unfazed about the teeth jokes and has decided to use it to talk about his stand on the country's justice system. The TikTok has since earned 2.1 million views since it was first posted in late July.

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