Third Telco DITO Wants to Exceed 84% Coverage Goal

It has five years to meet the goal.
Photo/s: Unsplash

The country's third telco, DITO Telecommunity Corp, said Tuesday it was planning go beyond the 84% coverage goal that it commited to the government. This will enable the joint venture between busienssman Dennis Uy and China Telecom to reach far-flung areas.

"Telcos should bear in mind that it's not just about profit. It's about serving people in far-flung areas who aren't able to access information because of the lack of coverage," DITO Chief Administrative Officer Adel Tamano told CNN Philippines.

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DITO must meet its voluntary commitments every year in its first five years of operations, or else, it could forfeit its P24 billion performance bond.

In its first year, DITO promised to cover at least 37.03% of the country with a minimum speed of 27 megabits per second (Mbps). By the end of its 5-year commitement period, the company hopes to have achieved 84% coverage as promised, with a minimum speed of at least 55 Mbps, Tamano said.

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