Duterte: Rich Countries Must Pay PH for Climate Change Damage

Philippines bears the brunt of monster typhoons.
Photo/s: Twitter/Mar Roxas

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said developed countries responsible for the largest carbon emissions should compensate the Philippines for damage caused by climate change, that was underscored by off-season Tropical Storm Agaton (Megi).

The Philippines bears the brunt of the impact of climate change even though the country is not considered a major polluter, Duterte said, as he called for ways to "at least equalize" the situation.

"Dapat ang mga mayaman na hindi tinatamaan ng destruction caused by itong pollution, bayaran nila tayo for the damage, or dapat silang mag-ano talaga na maggawa sila ng anong paraan na ma—at least equalize," he said in his late night address.

"Mine is that ‘yung mga industrialized countries na hindi tinatamaan ng mga typhoons and calamities pero sila ‘yung pinakamalaki na contributor ng carbon emissions, eh magbayad sila kasi ang tama grabe ang sa atin," he added.

Duterte spoke in a late night address after visiting Leyte on Good Friday to check on the victims of Agaton which left at least 172 people dead and scores others missing.

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The outgoing leader said he hopes his successor could do more to address the worsening impact of climate change on the Philippines.

"I hope that the next administration would — mas maganda ang ano nila, the preparation or whatever efforts that would contribute to, at least, remedy the situation," Duterte said.

Agaton, the first storm to hit the Philippines this year, displaced some two million people according to authorities.

The Philippines, one of the most vulnerable nations to the impacts of climate change, is battered by an average of 20 storms a year.


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