EXCLUSIVE: Johnny Manahan on Why He Left ABS-CBN

Mr. M granted a rare interview to Summit Media.
Photo/s: Summit Originals, Jerome Ascano

In an exclusive interview with Summit Media journalists, Star Magic founder Johnny Manahan revealed the first time his reason why he left ABS-CBN, his home for over 50 years. 

Mr. M, as he is known in the industry, said he felt time it was time to go after ABS-CBN's broadcast shutdown left him with much nostalgia. He also cited the existence of a "shadow talent center" that competed with Star Magic.

The veteran star maker's remarks made him a trending topic on Twitter for most of the week. Read reportr's coverage:

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"saw two beginnings and two endings. Of course, ABS has moved on. They're trying to, whatever they have to now to survive and make money. I think they will be back. They have very good people there," he said. 

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