LOOK: Filipina Actress Stars in Netflix's 'The Sandman'

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A Filipina actress thanked Filipinos for watching the Netflix series "The Sandman", where she played a female CEO in the dark adaptation of the DC Comics series.

London-based Lourdes Faberes played Kate Fletcher, who went to the diner with her husband Garry to celebrate their fifth anniversary in episode 5 "24/7". Here, John Dee, portrayed by David Thewlis, explored the power of the magic ruby stolen from the titular Sandman.


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Responding to a tweet that praised the episode, Faberes said she hopes her fellow Filipinos would watch the series.

"Salamat po. Sana manood and lahat Ng Pinoy. I know @neilhimself loves PH. So proud of our 24/7," she said in a tweet Sunday.


"The Sandman" creator Neil Gaiman earlier teased Faberes' appearance in the fifth episode. In another tweet, he described her as "amazing."

This was not the first time Manila-raised Faberes worked with English author Gaiman. She also played Pollution, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Amazon series "Good Omens", based on the novel by Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

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She also played a Spectre agent in 2021 Bond film "No Time to Die" and also appeared in the movie "Boiling Point."

Faberes, born in Manila on Feb. 14, 1975, told UniversalCinema Magazine that she got into acting after her mother brought her to various workshops in the Philippines. Since then, she explored acting opportunities in UK and the U.S.


"I would love to work with some of the amazing Filipino directors. I don’t know if they know my work because I’ve been so many years in the UK but hopefully there’s a way that can happen. There are some beautiful films coming from the Philippines," she told UniversalCinema Magazine.

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