How OFWs Can Transfer Voter Registration to the Philippines

Comelec moves deadline to Sept. 30.
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Overseas Filipino workers who intend to transfer their voter registration records locally in order to vote in the 2022 elections in the Philippines are now given until Sept. 30 to do so, the Comelec Office For Overseas Voting said Thursday.

The Commission En Banc, in their meeting on Wednesday, agreed to extend the deadline for the transfer of OFW voter registration records from Aug. 31, OFOV Director Bea Wee-Lozada told lawmakers.

The Sept. 30 deadline is also for OFWs who want to register to vote abroad and for those who want to reactivate their registration status. It is also the deadline for local voter registration.

Here's how to transfer OFW voter registration record to the Philippines

OFWs who will be in the Philippines during the May 9, 2022 elections and who want to vote in the country must transfer their voter registration record to the city or municipality where they intend to vote.

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To do so, fill out the OVF-1 form and Revised CEF-1 form that can be downloaded from the Comelec website. Indicate that the application being filed is for transfer of OFW voter registration records to the Philippines.

Prepare the necessary IDs as well, including proof of OFW status such as passport and seaman's book.

For those with existing records, the application may be filed through the OFOV's Virtual Frontline Services.

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Applications may also be filed directly with the Comelec office in the locality where they intend to vote.


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