These Jobs Pay the Highest Salaries in the Philippines

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Nearly half of job offerings in the Philippines posted higher salaries to lure talents during the second year of the pandemic, employment tracker JobStreet Philippines said Wednesday as more companies  ramp up hiring programs in 2022.

Employers are paying more attention to the soft skills and technological know-how of job seekers this year as the hybrid work model--a mix of work-from-home and office reporting--becomes the default work setup, said JobStreet Philippines country manager Philip Gioca.

"It’s not the technical know-how but it’s more of the soft skills that companies are demanding now," he told reporters.

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Going into the third year of the pandemic, entry-level salaries are highest in the telecommunications industry with an average of P20,000, followed by the Computer and IT industry at P19,550, and the Communication Service industry at P19,500 based on JobStreet's Salary Report 2022.

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Here are the other industries offering the highest average salaries:

JobStreet Philippines Salary Report 2022

In terms of specialization, jobs in the healthcare, and education or training sector have the highest average entry-level salaries at P23,877, followed by Computer and IT jobs with entry-level salaries at an average of P20,700.

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Here are the other specializations offering the highest average salaries:

JobStreet Philippines Salary Report 2022

You can access the full JobStreet Salary Report 2022 here.


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