LTO Will Issue Licenses Valid for 10 Years Starting This Year

Good drivers are in the running to get a 10-year license.
Photo/s: Unsplash / why kei

The Land Transportation Office on Wednesday said it would issue driver's licenses with a 10-year validity this year to motorists with a clean record.

In August 2020, LTO Chief Edgar Galvante said this applies to applicants with no road violations. “For those who have clean records, you may enjoy not coming back for renewal not only for five years, but 10 years. This is if you are not delinquent,” he said.

An enhanced demerit system will be implemented wherein violators will accumulate demerits for every violation, while drivers with good standing can acquire incentives.

Last year, classifications with corresponding demerit points were proposed: five points for “grave” violations, three points for “less grave” violations, and one point for “light” violations. There are no final details yet regarding the new system to be implemented in 2021.

Grave violations included:

  • driving a motor vehicle in the commission of a crime
  • operating a colorum vehicle
  • driving under the influence
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'Good' Drivers Can Avail of 10-Year License Soon, Says LTO

Galvante said less grave or light violations could also be considered grave if committed repeatedly. Accumulating 10 demerit points will result in license suspension, while acquiring 40 demerit points means a revoked license.

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