Man Refuses to Pay Sogo Hotel Bill, Sparks BMW Car Chase

From QC to Manila.
Photo/s: Screenshot/GMA News

Authorities said they arrested on Tuesday a man who allegedly refused to pay his motel bill after an hour-long chase on his black BMW that damaged several vehicles along the way.

Instead of paying his Sogo Hotel bill, Arvin Tan, 46, allegedly demanded P20,000 from the staff, prompting the manager to seek help, Quezon City police said.

Tan resisted arrest and drove off in his black BMW, police said. Along the way, he bumped a police mobile and motorcycle, several private cars, a tricycle, and a vehicle of the Land Transportation Office (LTO), according to a police report.

Manila police joined the chase until Tan was cornered in Recto Avenue at around noon, police said. According to an ABS-CBN News report, the man tried to escape authorities by taking control of a police mobile. Police shot the car's tires.

Tan was injured in the chase and was treated at a hospital. He will face charges for estafa, resistance and disobedience to a person in authority, and multiple damage to property.

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Multiple reports said this was not the first time Tan caused trouble with the police. ABS-CBN News reported that in 2017, he also fled the authorities after running amuck at the Manila Police District headquarters. 

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