Sorry, My Face Was Too Big: NYC Chair Takes Down Billboard After Criticism

He said the billboard space is a family business.
Photo/s: Ryan Enriquez

National Youth Commission Chairperson Ryan Enriquez on Wednesday issued a public apology after an NYC billboard with his face on it drew criticism online. The signage was also taken down.

Enriquez said his objective was to help inform the public on pandemic protocols, especially after the loss of a major network.

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"Ang pagkakamali ko lang, anlaki ng mukha ko. Pasensya na (My only fault was that my face was too big. I'm sorry)," he wrote on Facebook.

As for the rent of the billboard space, he said the agency didn't spend "even a single cent," explaining, "Negosyo ng pamilya namin yun at dahil walang naka-advertise, ay sayang naman, ginamit ko muna para sa NYC na walang charge (It's a family business, and because the space is vacant, I used it for the NYC for free in the meantime)."

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Enriquez said he had previously done the same for other organizations that sought assistance with public service announcements. "Ngayon lang siguro napansin kasi anlaki ng mukha ko (Now, it was noticed because my face was too big)."

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