Repeat: Beer Houses Banned Under All Quarantines, Police Say

Authorities served the warning after recent bar arrests.
Photo/s: Wil Stewart on Unsplash

Boozing in bars during the quarantine is still prohibited, authorities said Monday, following a spate of arrests in night clubs. To prove this point, police are cracking down on beerhouse and bars that continue to accept patrons at this time.

Recently, 39 people were arrested for drinking at a bar in Makati, while the Quezon City government shut down a restaurant and apprehended a hundred partygoers. Both areas are under the general community quarantine.

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"We are not discounting the possibility that similar unauthorized operations of beerhouses, bars and similar establishments are also happening in the provinces, particularly in urban areas. That is why our commanders on the ground should regularly check on these establishments," said Lt. Gen Guillermo Eleazar, chief of Joint Task Force COVID Shield.

Beer houses and nightclubs are not allowed under any form of quarantine, according to guidelines from the Department of Trade and Industry.

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"As responsible business people, they should follow the existing rules so that they will not add to the coronavirus infection problems," said Eleazar, who also pointed out how past instances of drinking sessions has resulted in mass infection.

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