Going to Rev Major 2022? Here's How to Make the Most of It

It's scheduled for September at the SMX Convention Center.
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By James Dominic Flores

As the world slowly returns to normalcy from the pandemic, major esports events have started to follow suit and return their competition to offline venues. Offline tournaments are highly valued as the biggest tests of skill between players as it eliminates the volatility of online connections and offer the most level playing field for all those in attendance.

The Philippines has also played hosts to internationally acclaimed offline tournaments. One of which is Rev Major, a fighting game tournament where pros compete in many games, most notably Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Strive, and DNF Duel for points to qualify in each respective games’ world championship tournaments. Because of this, players all over the country, and all over the globe in fact, will be making their way to compete on Sept. 17-18 at the SMX Convention Center.


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If you are looking to participate in these tournaments for the first time, here are some basic reminders for everyone.


Be mindful of tournament rules and regulations for participation. Small local tournaments may allow walk-in participants, but major international events like this often require a pre-registration link in the tournament web page for both players and spectators.

Bring your own gear

Like any soldier, those who are competing in tournaments are expected to bring their own weapons of choice. Whether it’s a Playstation pad, a hit box, or an arcade stick, it is the player’s responsibility to make sure that it is in optimal condition. This also includes any headsets, earphones, or USB cables you may need to supplement your device.

Arrive Early

A major international tournament won’t wait for a couple of players to arrive for the tournament to start. They follow a strict time schedule, and as such, arriving early is a must. Not only does it reduce stress and hassle, but it also ensures the tournament to flow smoothly and that your money won’t be wasted on a disqualification because you did not arrive in time for your match.

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Take care of your body

Make sure you are clean and refreshed before entering the venue as a safety precaution from the pandemic. Eating a heavy meal is also important as when the tournament starts, it is vital that your attention is focused on competing. One needs to be at their best physical and mental state to compete well, therefore fuel up with food and hydrate properly. Bring a bottle of water if you can as well.

Respect the tournament rules and marshals

Tournament marshals are those who ensure the smooth flow of events in the venue and that all rules are followed. They are not there to be your personal assistant, but rather, they are the law. They call players who are in line to play their match and verify each match result. It is a hard and oftentimes overlooked job, therefore, players are advised to communicate with them respectfully.  But what if you aren’t going to these tournaments to compete? Worry not, because there are a number of activities that fans or spectators can do in a tournament venue!


Take pictures with your favorite players

Are you a fan of a specific pro player? You just might bump into them in a tournament! Approaching your hero respectfully just takes a little confidence to get that quick selfie or picture that you will carry forever. Just, make sure that you do it at a proper time. Don’t hold them too long if they are rushing to a match, and don’t immediately request one with them after a loss. They are human too after all.

Participate in various booths

Tournaments often have booths for other artists and content creators or “casual play” areas where you can connect with other players. Take the time to explore what these booths have to offer and you may just build more connections with your gaming community.

Watch the tournament live

Nothing beats the thrill if watching the events of a tournament unfold right before your eyes. Similar to watching a basketball game in the arena itself, the energy and adrenaline of seeing a close match and the joy of victory for your favorites is taken to a whole new level when you are right there to see, feel, and hear each moment.


Have fun

Last but certainly not the least, do not forget to have fun! Offline tournaments are a celebration of the community itself. A chance to bond with people and strangers who share the same passion as you. In victory or defeat, as a warrior, or simply as an observer, the experiences and memories created by the wave of passion are shared with friends and fans alike. They allow everyone in the venue to live in the moment through empathy with others.

What are you waiting for then? As the saying goes, get ready for the next battle! See you at the tournament!

About the author: James Dominic Flores is Program Chair of the College of Arts and Sciences at San Sebastian College, specializing in psychology. He is also a competitive gamer specializing in fighting games.

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