How to Get Your Spotify Wrapped for 2021

What was your most-streamed song for the year?
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Spotify users starting Thursday can begin viewing their top tracks and artists for 2021 via Spotify Wrapped, an annual aggregate of an individual's listening habits on the streaming platform.

To access the tracks that defined your year, you'll need the Spotify app on your phone or desktop and click the banner that says Spotify Wrapped. Can't find it? You can check the Spotify website that links straight to your year at a glance.

Your Spotify Wrapped is shared as story slides like Instagram or Facebook stories. You'll get your most-streamed artists and songs, plus a summary of the genres you listened to the most. Unfortunately, Spotify will also tell you how many hundred thousand minutes you spent listening to Lorde as if you needed a reminder that you were down in the dumps that one week.

The platform also makes a soundtrack of your life and expresses your music aura as a collage of pastel colors.

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A Spotify Wrapped can be so personal, except for when you're sharing it with friends or family. That probably explains why you have BTS in your Top 5 even if you swear you didn't stream them once (or did you?).

Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, BTS, Drake and Justin Bieber are the most streamed artists globally, with Swift being the only female and BTS being the only group.

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The most streamed song globally was "driver's license" by Olivia Rodrigo, whose song "good 4 u" also clinched the Top 4 spot. Lil Nas X, The Kid LAROI, and Dua Lipa complete the Top 5.

When it comes to albums, Rodrigo again claims top spot with SOUR with Lipa in second place with Future Nostlagia. Justin Bieber's Justice, Ed Sheeran's =, and Doja Cat's Planet Her get top spots.

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The yearly marketing campaign from Spotify drops during the first week of December and collects data from Jan. 1 until Oct. 31. If you're wondering why Taylor's Version and Adele's 30, which both dropped in November, you'll have to wait until next year's Spotify Wrapped for it to count.

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