Volcanic Smog Spotted Over Batangas as Taal Spews More Gas

Residents warned of vog, acid rains.
File photo.
Photo/s: Jerome Ascaño

The Taal Volcano belched steam as high as 2.8 kilometers overnight, blanketing parts of Batangas on volcanic smog or vog on Friday, Phivolcs said.

The volcano, which remains under Alert Level 1 or low-level unrest, released an average of 13,572 tons of sulfur dioxide as magma moved towards the crater. The vog is expected to drift to areas east or northeast of the Taal Volcano, Phivolcs said.

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Residents in Agoncillo, Laurel, and Talisay, Batangas reported stench from sulfur while those in Cabuyao, Laguna were monitoring possible crop damage.

Vog contains volcanic gas such as sulfur dioxide, which is acidic and can irritate the eyes, throat, and respiratory tract, it said. The elderly, pregnant women, children, and those with health conditions can be particularly sensitive to the vog, it said.

Residents who may be affected by the vog are told to practice the following:

  • Limit exposure by staying indoors, avoiding outdoor activities, and shutting doors and windows to block out the vog
  • Cover your nose ideally using an N95 mask
  • Drink plenty of water to reduce throat irritation or constriction
  • For particularly sensitive groups, seek help from doctors or local officials if needed

Phivolcs also warned residents of possible acid rains, which can happen when volcanic gas and rain combine. It could damage metal roofs and cause damage to crops, it said.

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