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Following the "Great Resignation" during the COVID-19 pandemic, more professionals have renewed interest in upskilling and pursuing higher education as rapid digitalization took over nearly all industries.

Professional networking platform LinkedIn said some 7.3 million individuals viewed its most popular learning courses so far this year, nearly double the audience for the entire 2021, and highlighting the rising interest in reskilling and upskilling.


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For professionals who are looking to upskill, reskill, or just take a refresher course, LinkedIn is making its 20 most popular courses free until Aug. 31, 2022.

Here are the top 20 courses you can take until the end of the month:

1. Goal Setting: Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

The course, according to LinkedIn, aims to provide greater understanding of the power of strategic goals through how to set, manage, and measure objectives and key results.


2. Excel Essential Training (Office 365/Microsoft 365) 

Are you really as proficient in Excel as you claim to be in your resumé? This course teaches basic Excel skills such as data organization, and calculations as well as intermediate skills like building charts, Pivot tables, and more.

3. Interpersonal Communication

You've often seen new faces whether virtually or at the office. This course will help with the communication side of new interpersonal relationships such as how to deal with receiving critical feedback and communication across cultures.

4. Cultivating a Growth Mindset 

This course, according to LinkedIn, provides true examples of growth-mindset success, backed by research in the fields of performance and psychology. You'll also get real-world advice so you can adopt a growth mindset.

5. Project Management Foundations 

Learn the fundamentals of project management with this course. Learn how to set clear project goals and objectives, meeting deadlines, effective communication with your project team, and closing out projects.

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6. Using Questions to Foster Critical Thinking and Curiosity

Learn the value of curiosity and how critical thinking plays an important role to open doors and opportunities. You'll also explore how to effectively answer though-provoking questions.

7. Essentials of Team Collaboration

Learn ways how to keep teams in sync by exploring communication modes, clarifying team and individual purposes, and setting opportunities for collaboration.

8. Unconscious Bias 

This course will help you identify common forms of unconscious bias that may contribute to a negative workplace, and strategies on how to effectively address this personally and within the organization.

9. Learning Python 

Learn about the basic programming language, Python -- how to construct and run a simple Python program.

10. Communicating with Confidence 

Develop vital business communication skills with topics such as how to organize your thoughts, how to use body language to better express your ideas, and how to overcome anxiety.


11. Speaking Confidently and Effectively 

Learn tips and tricks on how to make impactful and informative presentations. Topics also include using body language and tone for consistent messaging and crafting a plan to recover from a worst-case scenario.

12. Learning the OWASP Top 10

This course provides an overview of the 2021 Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 security threats, offering insights and information about the prevalence and impact of each threat.

13. Power BI Essential Training

Learn how to use Power BI, the business analytics tools that allow you to create and share impactful visualizations with others in your organization. 

14. Strategic Thinking 

Learn how to embrace a strategic mindset, how to be detailed in your strategic thinking, and how to share this skill with your team.

15. SQL Essential Training

Learn about the fundamentals of the most common database language: SQL. Topics include creating tables, defining relationships, and manipulating strings, numbers, and dates. 


16. Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Learn what emotional intelligence is and why it's important in the workplace. Topics include how to become more self-aware of personal triggers, and how to align your intentions and your impact for collaborative relationships.

17. Communication Foundations

Learn how to communicate more effectively in meetings, email messages, pitches, and presentations.

18. Agile Foundations

Learn about the values and principles covered in the agile manifesto so you can prepare your team to respond well to whatever comes their way. This course also has exercises to help boost your team's agility and productivity.

19. Digital Marketing Foundations 

Get an overview of the building blocks of online marketing. Learn how to define your value proposition, identify your target market, and establish your goals and key performance index.

20. Critical Thinking 

Be a better decision maker by developing the ability to think reflectively and learning how to define the problem you're trying to solve. Topics include different critical thinking methodologies that you can use to better work through problems.



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