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Wash and Wear: How to Clean Cloth Face Masks by Machine and Hand

Laundry instructions here.
by Joel Guinto
Aug 13, 2020
Photo/s: Agence France-Presse

Take it from the Department of Health, cloth face masks are washable and reusable, either by hand or in the washing machine. The government is tightening enforcement of mask-wearing in public to stop the spread of COVID-19. Face shields will also be required in the workplace and public transport from Aug. 15.

In the machine, cloth face masks can be washed with other clothes. The Department of Health advised setting the water to warm and using laundry detergent.

When hand-washing cloth face masks, clean it in a solution of one gallon of water mixed with five tablespoons of bleach. Soak for five minutes, rinse and dry before using.

Surgical and N95 masks can't be resued, the Department of Health said. Earlier, it also discouraged the use of valve masks.

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The virus spreads through droplets that are expelled through the nose and mouth. By covering these orifices in the body, transmission can be prevented. 

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"Kailangan natin maibaba ang exposure sa virus tuwing nakikisalamuha tayo sa iba. Isa sa pinakaminam na tool ang face mask (We need to reduce the chances of exposure to the virus when mingling with other people. One of the most effective tools is the face mask)," said Beverly Ho, director of the DOH health promotion bureau.

"Face masks are not enough to protect us. This should be coupled with other preventive measures," she said.

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