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Confused with APOR, MECQ, HDC? Here's Your Cheat Sheet

Google makes sense of the pandemic acronym soup.
by Joel Guinto
Aug 27, 2020
Photo/s: Jerome Ascano

These are the acronyms that dictate what millions can or cannot do since the start of the coronavirus quarantine in March. Five months in, the jargon is growing and the definitions are evolving, causing confusion among those who don't follow the news closely. Google has the answer, in English, Filipino and Cebuano.

Google's online dictionary pools together all the pandemic and new normal terms that guide quarantine life. Acronyms by themselves are abhorrent and require simplifaction for everyone to understand. Very few of these shorthands graduate to everyday language, think UN and EU, and in the Philippines, PAGASA and PHIVOLCS.

Understanding COVID-19 jargon is not only useful, it can be life-saving. Who knows at the drop of a hat that APOR stands for Authorized Person Outside of Residence? It's basically a police term used to distinguish who can move around without a quarantine pass, essentially those who can work during this time.

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Or PUI (Person Under Investigation) and PUM (Person Under Monitoring)? A PUI shows symptoms of COVID-19 while a PUM doesn't, though both are being watched by authorities.

What about flattening the curve? It means that when daily cases are plotted as a line graph, the line is flat, meaning the spread of the disease is slowing.


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Hit this link to access Google's Diksyonaryong COVID-19.

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