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Mooove Over Ostrich, There's a Cow That's Gone Viral Too

And a pig for good measure.
by Clara Rosales
Aug 5, 2020
Photo/s: screenshot form Bep Chavez cow video

Move over Ostrich in Quezon City, a brown cow on the streets of Iloilo City is keeping the Internet entertained this COVID-19 quarantine season. Another day, another stab at virality for animals caught roaming around when humans are required to stay at home.

The video showed the cow strolling along Iloilo’s Diversion Road at around 3 p.m. It didn’t cause traffic or stall any cars, but the sight of a cow on counterflow surprised motorists, including Bep Chavez, who shared the video on Facebook.

“Yesterday: OSTRICH. Today: COW. Tomorrow: ??????? 2020, please give us a break!” Chavez captioned. He gave reportr permission to repost the video. As of Wednesday night, the original video had 80,000 views while the ABS-CBN repost had almost a million views.

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The owner of the the cow or how it ended up on the street was not immediately known. Just like the ostrich.

Aside from Tuesday’s ostrich and today’s cow, a pig was also seen escaping from its pen and disrupting traffic in Cebu early Wednesday morning.

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