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Here are the Suggested Prices of Noche Buena Items

Prepare your Noche Buena budget
by Arianne Merez
Nov 19, 2020
Photo/s: Jerome Ascaño

Planning your budget for Noche Buena? The Department of Trade and Industry has released its suggested retail price guide for the most commonly bought Christmas food products.

Below are the suggested price ranges of the DTI for common Noche Buena items, to help you with your grocery trip:

1. Ham

Ham products can be bought for as P135 for 500 grams of regular ham, and as high as P1025 for a kilo of Chinese Ham.

2. Fruit Cocktail

A small can (432 grams) of fruit cocktail is priced for as low as P50.35 and as high as P239.40 for 3 kilos.

3. Cheese

A 165-gram bar of cheese is available in the market for as low as P49.50 while a 950-gram bar can be priced as high as P269.50.

4. Sandwich Spread

You can get an 80ML pouch of sandwich spread for P21.05 while a bigger 470 ML jar can be bought for as much as P205.80.

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5.  Mayonnaise

An 80ML pouch of mayonnaise can be bought for P28 while a 700ML jar can be priced for as high as P283.

6. Queso de Bola

You can buy a 300-gram queso de bola for P169 while a bigger 750-gram one can be priced for as much as P539.

7. Pasta/Spaghetti

A 200-gram pack of spaghetti is available in the market for P19 with prices going as high as P92.50 for a kilogram of the common pasta.

8.  Elbow and Salad Macaroni

You can buy a 200-gram pack of macaroni for as low as P18.75 while a 1-kilogram pack can be bought for as much as P98.65.

9. Spaghetti Sauce

A 250-gram pouch of spaghetti sauce is available in the market for P22 while a kilogram can be bought for as high as P84.20.

10. Tomato Sauce

A small (115 grams) pouch of tomato sauce can be bought for P12.25 while a kilogram can be priced as high as P79. 25.

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11. Creamer

Various creamer products including all-purpose cream and kremdensada (a mixture of condensed milk and all-purpose cream) can be bought in groceries for around P47 to 75.

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