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'Butiki' Steals The Show in Viral Mega Tuna Ad

GIGIL strikes again.
by Ara Eugenio
Mar 20, 2021
Photo/s: Facebook/Mega Tuna

Advertisements are getting odder and odder in the Philippines, at least during the pandemic. Take this new one released by Mega, that claims its Spanish Style Tuna is so delicious even a common house gecko would want to steal it from you.

Halfway through the ad, life literally turned upside down as the butiki turned out to be not as friendly and harmless as they usually are.

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It's hard to figure out how to make sense of this ad, but knowing it's another oddvertising ploy by the guys at GIGIL, the agency that was also behind bizarre campaigns of RC Cola and Orocan, Filipinos, it seems, already know better. 

Initial responses of netizens on the video's comments section are overwhelmed by "WTFs" and "anuna", which are really just the usual reactions of Filipinos, particularly Gen Z, to things they cannot explain. 

Reportr tried asking its creators, but in true GIGIL fashion, a quick ask only generated a "Ganyan talaga! (That's just how it is)" answer. 

Just three hours after release (as of writing), the video earned over 1,200 shares, 2,000 likes, and 200 comments.

It's a testament to GIGIL's prowess in getting people to stop pressing 'skip'.

Over the pandemic, they appear to be mastering the art of providing escape for quarantined Filipinos using just 1-minuter ads, in turn bringing the advertising industry's creativity back to the people's consciousness.

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"Realistically, no one wants to be reminded some more of what’s happening right now. Hindi talaga masaya. Little things like this, in advertising, music, in movies, entertainment, those are the things that help us cope,"  GIGIL managing partner Jake Yrastorza earlier told reportr. 


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