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PH Has Yet to Flatten the Curve Like These 46 Countries

"Some are winning, some are not," according to
Jul 10, 2020
Photo/s: United Nations COVID-19 Response via Unsplash

The global number of COVID-19 positive cases crossed the 10-million mark on June 28, a grim figure in the ongoing pandemic that we're battling. While things are looking a bit bright in some regions, we can’t say the same for most. According to—a platform by U.S.-based New England Complex Systems Institute, more countries are being ranked as “Winning” with their graphs, showing that they’re flattening the curve. And, surprise surprise, the Philippines is still not part of that group even after four months of quarantine—now the longest lockdown in the world.

From only 20 countries in the green-zone ranking in May, there are now 46 countries with graphs showing a flattened curve. Among the latest additions are Andorra, Bahamas, Brunei, Cuba, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste. Data recorded, which was sourced from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, as of July 9.

Based on data, these countries are beating COVID-19. Graphs shown, which plot out daily new cases versus time with a seven-day average, use data from the Coronavirus Resource Center of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine as of July 9.
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The site's rankings also feature countries grouped and color-coded according to which ones have become COVID-19-free: dark green for those that are COVID-19-free for two weeks and more, light green for those COVID-19-free for one week, light red for places that have more than 20 new cases in the last two weeks, and dark red for countries that have recorded more than 100 new cases in a period of two weeks.

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Green-Zone Rankings by Countries that are COVID-free for two weeks or more are highlighted in green, while a lighter shade of green shows places that have been COVID-free in the last 14 days.
Countries in the red zone have recorded more than 100 new cases in the last four days. The Philippines is at the 115th spot, less than 20 slots away from the United States.
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Of the 133 countries included in the list, Timor-Leste ranks first after being COVID-free for 75 days while the United States is in the last spot after recording 672,273 cases in the last 14 days. The Philippines, meanwhile, is in the red zone at number 115 with 18,064 cases in the last two weeks.

Countries that are nearly there in beating COVID-19.
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On June 30, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque declared that the Philippines is "winning" the COVID-19 battle after supposedly beating the forecast of experts from the University of the Philippines. The projection said that the country would reach 40,000 positive cases by the end of June, but the Department of Health only confirmed 36,438 cases as of June 29. "Panalo na tayo. We beat the UP prediction. Congratulations, Philippines! Let's do it again in July," he said during a virtual briefing. The Department of Health's situationer on June 29 showed that the cumulative number of samples that had come back positive was at 46,272.

These countries need to take action. The Philippines is one of them.
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COVID-19 Tracker from Department of Health Screenshot from

The University of the Philippines has said that COVID-19 infections in the country may reach 60,000 by July 31. As of July 9, the Department of Health confirmed 51,754 positive cases in the country. According to their website, there are 64,438 positive individuals out of the 846,420 people tested.

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