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What PAGASA's Yellow, Orange, and Red Rainfall Warnings Mean

The rainfall warning is in place to help the public monitor flooding.
by Clara Rosales
Jul 21, 2021
Photo/s: shutterstock

Typhoon Fabian and another storm outside the Philippine area of responsibility are expected to bring rains over Luzon and Western Visayas on Wednesday, PAGASA said. To help the public prepare for potential evacuation, rainfall warnings are issued periodically. But what exactly do they mean?

The Philippines is battered on average by 20 typhoons per year, sonme of them deadly. PAGASA started using color-coded rainfall advisories in 2012 due to fiercer than expected monsoon rain that shut the capital for days. These were classified into three levels: Yellow, Orange, and Red.

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The darker the color, the more prone to danger and flooding.

Here's what each rainfall warning color means and what you need to do:

Yellow Rainfall Warning

A yellow warning means around heavy rainfall of 7.5 to 15mm in an hour, which is seen to continue for the next two hours.

Flood is possible in low-lying areas and near rivers. While there may be no flood yet, the public is encouraged to monitor their surroundings and stay updated on warnings. These are issued on PAGASA's Facebook page.

Orange Rainfall Warning

Areas under the orange warning see intense rainfall of 15 to 30mm in an hour, expected to continue for the next two hours. 

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There is a threat of flood in low-lying areas and near rivers. By this time, the public must remain alert and prepare for eventual evacuation.

Red Rainfall Warning

The red category is the highest warning and areas under this warning are seeing 30m or more rainfall in an hour, expected to continue in the next two hours.

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Severe flooding is expected and the public, especially near low-lying areas and near rivers, are expected to seek higher ground or evacuate. Flood of 30 mm or more is expected in red rainfall warning areas.


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