Scam Alert: PHLPost Says Don't Fall for This Supposed Delivery Alert

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The Philippine Post Office has warned the public about scammers who send customers bogus emails, text, and calls to access their personal information.

Some customers had received notifications about package deliveries or unpaid online postage charges, supposedly coming from the post office, PHLPost said in an advisory.

The notifications will prompt customers to confirm their personal information by clicking a button or downloading an attachment that can activate a virus or steal financial and personal information, such as usernames and passwords, once opened.

"Online attackers may attempt to gain your personal or financial information or exploit you for financial gain," PHLPost said.


PHLPost said it would never:

  • Call, text, or email their customers asking for their personal or financial information including password, credit card details or account information
  • Call, text, or email their customers to request payment
  • Ask their customers to click on an email link to print out a label to redeem their package.

PHLPost also advised the public never to give or disclose any personal information to anonymous and unofficial websites or messages received online or through email.

The post office asked the public for patients as they address the issue and protect their personal information.


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