Private Shuttles Can Carry More Passengers, Subject to COVID Rules

Barriers, face masks and face shields required.

Private or commissioned shuttles can accommodate more passengers subject to safety precautions, the Inter-Agency Task Force on COVID-19 said.

Restrictions on transportation are loosening as the country crossed the eighth month of quarantine. Earlier, buses, trains and aircraft were also allowed to increase capacity.


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Shuttle services can implement one-seat-apart or full seating as long as there are dividers and passengers follow safety and health protocols such as wearing of face masks and shields and frequent disinfection.

The Department of Labor and Employment and the Department of Trade and Industry were directed to issue the proper advisories for the implementation and monitoring of safety protocols in commissioned shuttles as an extension of the workplace.

Private establishments, employers, and companies are enjoined to commission their own shuttle services for the benefit of their employees.

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